Joe Lee Register

Go For Joe!

I appreciate and value your interest in our campaign for Judge of County Court at Law #1 for Angelina County.  I appreciate and value your interest in our campaign for County Court at Law #1 for Angelina County. I am quite familiar with the proceedings before this Court, having maintained a very active trial practice in Angelina County and East Texas for 40 years. I have served in the capacity as a prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer, civil and family law litigator. I have handled over 2000 cases before courts throughout East Texas with heavy concentration in family law. My deep legal experience allows me to rule on the full range of cases heard in this Court. No two cases are identical, and the wisdom gained from experiences is invaluable when applying the law to facts in a case.

I am the only candidate in this race who is certified as a Legal Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law. I have been board certified in Family Law for 22 years. Over 60% of the judge’s time spent in this court deals with family law proceedings. Cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, interstate jurisdiction disputes require resolutions by a judge that has the qualifications and experience to render fair decisions to both sides of the case. A judge’s poor decision can cause pain to a family for years and defeats the court’s pledge to fairly consider the facts and follow the right laws in protecting families and children.

I am the only candidate seeking this position, in my belief that possesses both the legal knowledge and professional experience to begin immediately serving as an effective judge. I believe the race for Judge of the County Court at Law #1 will be hotly contested, and I need your help. Your financial help is vital to our success, as is your help in spreading the good word. We will be placing campaign signs throughout our county and your assistance with sign location will be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, I ask for your vote in the March, 2014 Republican Primary.

Please feel free to call me at 936 632-7600, or e-mail me at I am truly excited about this opportunity to serve the good citizens of Angelina County as Judge of the County Court at Law #1, and would be honored to have your support.

Thank you,

Joe Lee Register

Early Voting Starts Feb 18th through 28th.

Early Voting Count-Down


General Election March 4, 2014.

There are two County Court at Law courts; Court #1 and Court #2. Each of the courts hear cases from across Angelina County. Represented by the court are all the incorporated cities in the county:

   Burke Diboll Hudson Huntington Lufkin Zavalla

Equally, if you live in one of the unincorporated areas of the county, you too will be served by each of the Courts:

 Alco Bald Hill Beulah Cedar Grove Central Clawson Davisville Dolan (unincorporated) Dunagan Durant Ewing Herty Homer Jonesville Marion Moffitt Oak Flat Peavy Platt Pollok Prairie Grove Redland Redtown Rocky Springs Shady Grove Shawnee Shawnee Prairie Thomas Crossing Woodlawn

Joe is running as a Republican Candidate, but the position of Judge is about fairness and knowing the law, not by affiliations or connections. If you live in any of the previously mentioned areas you or someone you know may pass through this court. The largest case load of the court at law is family law through divorce and child custody cases. Joe Register is the only candidate for Angelina County Court At Law #1 with experience and certification in Family Law. His years in Angelina County and his reputation for fairness is impeccable.