Joe Lee Register

The Issues

Without understanding both the law and people, it is impossible to do justice. If judges do not know what the law says, they will be helpless to use it. I have dedicated myself during my legal career to being the best attorney I can be, and also to knowing and understanding the law. I believe that judges are bound to follow the law and not what makes them feel good to rule in a certain way, for ignorance of the law can lead to disaster in the courtroom. Citizens are entitled to have their cases decided based on the law as it is written, not by “guess work” or judicial activism. My deep knowledge and appreciation of the law has helped equip me to serve the families and children of our area as Judge of the County Court at Law #1. I believe our Constitution and laws should be enforced as written, and not altered by judges trying to legislate from the bench. I’m a strong believer in learning the law and the procedures in applying it in the courtroom.
It is crucial that we have the best judges possible serving the people in our County. Decisions made in the courtroom can impact the lives of our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in many ways, and the office I seek is no place for on-the-job training. I have practiced law in our area and Texas for 40 years, and am the only candidate in this race who is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law. I am required as a board certified family attorney to participate in continuing legal education that far exceeded that which is required by those attorneys not certified. There is no substitute for experience and the wisdom it brings when making legal decisions that impact people’s lives, property, and liberty.
It is absolutely essential that a judge be fair and impartial. A judge must be even-handed every day, and seek the correct result based on the law and the facts in a case. One size does not fit all when applying the law. And no cookie-cutter solutions exist for the complicated problems that bring people to court. Working with the issues and complexities of Family Law, which contains elements of commercial, business, tax, contact, and real estate law, demands a fair and steady hand. I have witnessed the bitterness and injustice that can result when courts treat people unfairly, and you can rest assured this will not happen to anyone who comes before me as judge.
I have always worked hard, and my colleagues can testify that I ‘m no stranger to long hours and burning the midnight oil. Whether dealing with a criminal case, civil matter, or an emergency hearing. I will have no problem as a judge with coming early and staying late to ensure that cases are heard and justice is done. I have been active in our community for many years, and will continue to be active and accessible as judge. I will be available to officers at any time to sign warrants or assist them with legal papers. I believe that “justice delayed is justice denied.” I will decide cases promptly after hearing people out and listening to all the facts.

Angelina County Court At Law fills a significant need in the county. The Court Hears:

  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
  • Probate Matters
  • Juvenile Court Cases
  • Competency Cases
  • Family Law (Divorce and Child Custody

Family Law Cases by far exceed all other cases in the court at law.  The number of family law cases easily meets the number of other cases combined.